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A Jack/Ianto Challenge Community

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Loving The Coat is a challenge community for the fantastic Torchwood pairing Jack/Ianto, where anything is welcome as long as it fits the challenge. Fanfic, fanfids, manips, icons and other graphics are all welcome!

For anyone who doesn't know, Torchwood is the darker spin-off of British sci-fi show Doctor Who, and is set in Cardiff. Focusing on the Torchwood Three branch of the secret organisation Torchwood, it's also home to one of the most popular slash pairings in British sci-fi at the moment - Jack/Ianto.

Captain Jack Harkness, the leader of Torchwood Three, is a 51st century man who once travelled with the Doctor before an incident involving some Daleks left him immortal.

Ianto Jones, field operative and archivist, is a former junior researcher at the fallen Torchwood One who lost his girlfriend to the Cybermen.

Together they've faced Weevils, pterodactyls, psychotic girlfriends and psychotic ex-boyfriends. But is it just a bed they share or something more?

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First of all - please post your work directly to the community. It would be great if we could generate a lot of interest for the comm, and hopefully this way we will! This idea's worked brilliantly for wintercompanion, so it should work here too.

Also, please don't post your work to your journal/other communities until the challenge has closed. Post as many links advertising it as you want, but not the actual work itself!

Ideas for a new challenge? Post them in the comments of a challenge opening post and they'll be noted!

Posting Format

When you post your entry here make sure anything that may contain spoilers is hidden behind a cut - even if a Torchwood/Doctor Who episode was aired years ago, that doesn't mean everyone has seen it! There are loads of new fans working their way through the series, so take pity!

Stories, artwork and fanvids should be posted behind a cut with only the header info/teaser visible for fanfiction and fanvids and a maximum of three sample icons/one banner/one thumbnail image in the case of graphics. 

Please include the following header info:

(Delete as needed!)

Spoilers: (List any episodes your post could contain spoilers for, even if they're old)
Warnings: (Eg. non-con, character death, crack etc)

Please also include your LJ name, title, pairing and rating in the subject line of your post in the following format:

username: Title (Rating)

That makes it much easier for me to tag any entries you forget to tag yourself, although naturally I'd prefer it if you remembered! There will be tags available for each challenge, as well as side pairings. Author/artist/vidder tags will be added as needed. 

Need a tag? Check the sidebar on the left!


Anything involving Jack/Ianto is welcome here - fanfic, fanvids, manips, icons, graphics or anything else you can come up with. Your entry may contain other pairings (or threesomes!) if you want, as long as Jack/Ianto is featured. Pre-slash and subtext is also fine - after all, these two had UST long before the world began.

There's no length or size requirement for writing - drabbles, oneshots, multi-chapter epics...they're all good! Although if you can write a good fic in less than 100 words you're something to be feared!

It's an open book! Do whatever you want here, as long as it fits the challenge. (I'm guessing you're clever enough not to start flaming each other ^_^)

Time Frame

Challenges will be posted once every month; you have one month to respond to the challenge. At the end of that period, the challenge will be closed by the resident mod (me!); you may post as many entries up to that closing message as you want.

All entries must be posted only to here for the duration of the challenge. Once a challenge is  closed, no more entries for that challenge will be accepted, and you can crosspost your work to your own LJ, webpage, archive, or anywhere else.

A new challenge will then be posted.


If your work has major spoilers for an episode or series, please say so in your header - assume that some countries haven't had all episodes aired, and some new fans haven't caught up yet.

Even if an episode aired years ago, please be cautious! (And yes, even if it's Old Who - our time travelling Jack can go back that far too!)


Any suggestions, questions or anything else can be posted in the comments of any mod post (eg a challenge opening/closing). If you think there's an issue that everyone should be aware of, contact me first and I'll see what I can do - it's my job to make this a great comm for you guys, after all!

This community was modelled off the wintercompanion Doctor/Jack community, and many of the ideas discussed here come from there. All dodgy graphics and colour schemes are my own travesty.

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