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__justaday . A Coffee Mistake . R

Title: A Coffee Mistake
Author: __justaday
Challenge: Mistakes
Rating: R – for suggestiveness...?
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Bit of crack
Disclaimer: All the RTD's creation. Not mine!
Summary: There’s a mistake with Jack’s coffee. We can’t have that now can we?

“Ianto, is everything ok?” Jack said as Ianto entered his office.

“Yes thanks.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course.Why?”

“It’s just, well, it’s just...”


“Well, how to put it...”

“Just tell me Jack.”

“Your coffee is awful Ianto.”


“It’s really awful.”

“No, take that back Jack.”

“Ianto, try it. Try it.”

Ianto grabbed the mug from Jack’s hand with a scowl on his face. He lifted the mug to his lips, and took a sip... and couldn’t hide the disgust on his face.

“That’s not my coffee.”

“You gave it to me.”

“I did not make that Jack.”

“Well then who did?”

“I don’t know. But that is not my coffee.”

Jack watched as Ianto ran out to his kitchenette. He threw open the cupboards, and started searching through his jars, tubs, packets, anything that might give him a clue as to what might have made his precious coffee go so wrong.

After half an hour of searching the cupboards, Ianto started pulling apart the coffee machine.

“You need to calm down.” Jack said as he stepped up to Ianto and rubbed his shoulders.

“What I need is to find out what the hell happened to my coffee.”

Jack sighed and resigned to leaving him to his coffee machine, knowing that he wouldn’t give up that easily.


Jack looked at the clock. 6.05pm.

“Ianto. You really need to stop fretting. It’s been 3 hours.”

“I can’t find out what went wrong.”

Jack picked up the awful coffee mug from his desk and walked over to Ianto. The coffee machine was in too many bits to count, and coffee beans were everywhere. Over the floor, the counter, in the sink...

Ianto sunk to the floor, and rested his back on the counter, his head in his hands.

“Don’t worry about it Ianto. I’m sure it was just a mistake.”

“But I never make mistakes.”

“Ianto, it happens occasionally.”

“No it doesn’t Jack. Not to me.”

Jack sighed and rested his hand gently on Ianto’s head for a moment. “It’s ok Ianto.” Jack stepped back and emptied the mug of distasteful coffee into the sink.


“What, was that?”

“Um, nothing. Nothing.” Jack’s voice raised an octave. He was still standing watching over the sink.

“Then, what was that noise?”


Ianto yanked himself up and stared into the sink. “What was THAT doing in your coffee?” Ianto said sternly and looked up at Jack. “I did not put that in your coffee.”

“Um, no I don’t suppose you would, would you?” Jack’s cheeks lit a shade of pink, and Ianto, despite it, smiled. It was on very a rare occasion that Jack would get embarrassed.

“So, when exactly did this happen?”

“It was when you uh, you were sucking on your pen.” Jack’s blushes grew a few shades darker. “It was the way you were twiddling it and sucking it.”

“So you had some fun without me? And that fun went into your coffee without you noticing?”

Jack’s hand raised to his face as he tried to cover up his mistake and muttered “Oh my god” a few times, while Ianto despite the mess, laughed.

“You’re not mad at me?” Jack said through baited breath.

“I’m mad you ever thought my coffee would be bad! But, I think you’ve just about had enough punishment.” Ianto’s right eyebrow rose.

“Just about?”

“Yes, just about. I’ll need to give you the rest of your punishment away from the kitchen.”

Jack’s embarrassment flooded from his cheeks at Ianto’s words, and his eyes quickly filled with a dark lust. “Oh yes. I must be punished.”

“Indeed. Follow me.” Ianto led Jack with a wry smile towards his office and once the door shut with a click he dove on Jack and pinned him to desk, thoroughly intent on ‘punishing’ him.


Thank you to zen_raven for a much better onomatopoeia!
Tags: author: _justaday, challenge: mistakes, fanfic
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